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    Water Lines

    Old galvanized pipes are known to become rusty and deteriorate with time causing leaks and rusty water that is unsuitable for consumption, showering, or laundry. Copper water lines can also deteriorate and build up sediment in some situations.

    Our repiping technology includes PEX pipes and hard copper piping. According to your needs, budget, and the suitability of the location of the leak, we advise you the right kind of repiping technology. Then our highly qualified specialists will use state of the art technology to meet your requirements.

    Pressure Reducing Valve/ Backflow: You may be experiencing water lines “hammering” or rattling when being used or water splashing out of the sinks. Due to high pressure you may need a PRV. This reduces the water pressure coming into the home, to a regulated 55-60 PSI for a single story and a 65-75 PSI for multiple story homes.

    Leak Repairs: If a visual leak is found Rooter man can come out and make repairs using modern methods for copper, galvanized, and plastic piping. Rooter man can also dig and make repairs for underground leaks, if the leak is located first. Unfortunately we do not have the technology to locate leaks that are not visible. We do have a referral for leak detection, call our office for the referral.

    Whole Home Repipe: If you have old water lines in your home, they will eventually need to be replaced. We can replace all the water lines in your home. This includes all parts of a partial repipe, but includes installing new risers through the floors, and or inside the walls. 

    New Water Lines: This includes running new water main feeds from the meters or wells to your home. This also includes running new water lines under your home as well as adding new lines for hoses or irrigation.

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