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    Water Heaters

    A traditional water heater is normally located in the basement or laundry room, but can also be located inside home. It is equipped with a heating mechanism either inside the tank or at the bottom. Traditional water heaters make use of the heat rising principle to supply a home with hot water. The secret to a traditional water heater’s ability to separate cold incoming water from the heated outgoing water is the theory that heat rises above denser cold water.

    Replacement: Is your water heater making popping noises? Water taking extra time to heat up? Noticing water or corrosion on or around the water heater? These are just some examples of what can happen when your water heater is failing. Rooter man can replace your failing water heater, as well as install all needed upgrades in the process. We will take your old water heater and dispose it for you. 

    Repairs: Rooter man can make repairs to heaters depending on the age and condition of the water heater. This includes; Thermopiles, Burners, and Pilot Assemblies. 

    Upgrades: Rooter man can make upgrades to water heaters. As in, adding drain pans, earthquake straps, and gas sediment traps. This will ensure your water heater is up to code. 

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