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    Toilet Installations

    We come out to your home and see what toilet you need replaced. If it needs to be replaced, we will let you know and give you pricing onsite. With your approval we will go pick up a new toilet, come back and replace the old toilet. We will take your old toilet and dispose of it.

    Common toilet problems we encounter: 

    Moaning noises: If you can hear moaning coming from the toilets, this is the sound a toilet makes when there is an increase in water pressure that causes a worn ball clock valve to shudder or shake slightly.

    Random or constant flushing: When toilets flush and start filling up on their own without any human involvement, this could be caused by one of two things: the refill tube is too long, or there is a poorly fitted or leaking flapper. Random or constant flushing translates to a higher monthly water bill.

    Compound flushing: There are times when you flush only once but the toilet flushes twice or even three times. This is usually caused by a high water level and can be remedied by adjusting the float control inside the tank.

    Sluggish flushes: This is when a toilet only flushes partially and could be caused by a low water level or a tightening of the chain that connects the flush handle and flapper valve.

    Base leaks: A leak near the base of the toilet or below the tank when the toilet is flushed likely means that the wax gasket between the drain pipe and the toilet needs to be changed.

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