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    Sewer Repairs

    Repairs or replacement of sewer lines are traditionally completed by digging a trench or spot repairs to get to the damaged pipe.

    Root Intrusions: Roots can get into your line if there is a break in the line. This can result in needing a spot repair or if there are a lot of breaks in the line this can result in a larger repair or replacement of the line. Cutting out the roots is only a temporary fix.

    Drain snaking auger: Tree roots can be removed from a drain pipe with the use of a drain snake that has a rotating auger connected to the end of the cable. The rotating auger slices the roots and opens up the drains to allow the water and waste to flow freely, allowing a temporary solution to the main problem.

    Water jetting: Another common method of removing tree roots from drain pipes is with the use of a high pressure water jetting system. The procedure involves blowing the tree roots out of the pipes by blasting the pipe with a high pressure water jet.

    Clean out installations: If your home is not equipped with an outside main sewer cleanout, and your home has a back up. This causes more intrusive work needing to be done, by having to bring large equipment into your home. Rooter man is equipped to install a by code 2 way cleanout, outside of your home.

    Sewer Repiping: Over the life of your home the sewer lines under your home can age and need replacement. This includes kitchen, laundy, showers, tubs, and the main sewer trunks. Rooter man can remove any old sewer piping under your home and repipe in modern ABS piping.

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