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    Septic Systems

    Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures, commonly used at a home in the countryside that is not connected to any city sewer line. Using a combination of nature and proven technology to treat wastewater from household plumbing produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry. A typical septic system has four main components: a pipe from the home, a septic tank, a drainfield, and the soil.

    Leach Fields: Rooter man can locate your leach systems by using a camera and map them out. Rooter man can also clean and service leach systems. If your leach field needs repairs we can make those repairs to the existing leach system as well as upgrading an existing leach system.

    Can you have a septic tank without a leach field?

    The waste from most septic tanks flows to a soakaway system or a drainage field. If your septic tank doesn’t have a drainage field or soakaway system, the wastewater will instead flow through a sealed pipe and empty straight into a ditch or a local water course.

    Tank Repairs: Rooter man can install new baffles on your existing septic tank as well as risers and lids. This will allow access to the tank and provide better aeration to the septic system. We can also seal the inside of a septic tank.

    Sewer Ejector Pumps: A sewage pump which is ideal for most residential applications will only need to pump up to 20 feet of lift to a gravity sewer. A typical sewage pump installation is when there is a bathroom located in a basement that gets pumped to a gravity line which is connected to the gravity sewer or septic system. Sewage ejector pumps cost less than true grinder pumps.

    Sewage Ejector Grinder Pumps: True grinder pumps will actually shred the sewage and then pump it through the pipe. The main benefit of using a sewage ejector grinder pump is that paper and other debris that get flushed down the toilet are grinded down to help flow through the sewage system more efficiently and not cause clogs in the pipes. These are powerful pumps, and until recently most sewage grinder pumps have only been available for commercial use in Santa Rosa, CA but are now available for residential usage. Grinder pumps are usually installed where the sewer is a long distance from the home, or there is a high vertical lift of more than 20 feet or so

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