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    Gas Lines

    Gas piping is a piping system in your house used to carry natural gas from the supply directly to your heating system. The system is made up of branch lines, which run to individual appliances throughout your home. Branch lines lead to drop lines, which are vertical pipes that drop down to an appliance.

    Steel, copper, brass: The most common gas piping is black steel. Galvanized steel, copper, brass or CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) also can be used in some areas, but some utilities specifically prohibit the use of copper. In other areas, the use of copper is widespread.

    The following problems are typical on gas piping:

    • Leaks
    • Inappropriate materials
    • Inadequate support
    • Rusting
    • No drip leg
    • Missing shut-off valve
    • Improper connections
    • Plastic pipe exposed above grade
    • Piping in chimneys or duct systems
    • Copper tubing not properly labeled

    Repairs: If a gas leak is detected, Rooter man can make repairs to the line, or replacement of a section of a gas line if needed.

    Replacement: Rooter man can replace existing gas lines with new lines in either iron lines or trac pipe. This can be done if a line is needed to be moved, or replaced.

    New Installations: Installing a new pool heater? Adding a fireplace insert? Moving the location of your water heater? Rooter man can add in a new gas line for you for any situation!

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