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    Garbage Disposals

    Garbage disposal units are installed under your kitchen sink and their job is to dice food into small enough pieces so they can easily pass through your plumbing system. When your garbage disposal stops working it is most commonly because of a simple clog, however, old garbage disposals can have mechanical failures as well. Rooter-Man of Santa Rosa, CA can unclog, repair, or even install a new garbage disposal if needed.

    Replacement:  Rooter man can replace your existing garbage disposal if it is not working properly. If it is making weird noises and or grinding noises, or if it is leaking, those can be signs that you may need a new garbage disposal. Rooter man can supply a replacement unit or if the customer wants to purchase a new unit themselves, we can remove the old unit and replace with a new one. We will take your old garbage disposal and dispose of it for you. 

    New Installation: Don’t have a garbage disposal? Been wanting a garbage disposal and haven’t decided on installing one yet? No problem, Rooter man can install a new garbage disposal from start to finish! From installing a basket strainer to building the drain piping under your sink.

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